A B O U T  U S

Hello, Our names are James & Michael and we are in the business of moving people.

Our day-to-day activities involve working with cool people and bespoke products. To help us do this, we have our friends in Greece, Portland and Montreal who lend us a hand. They supply us with the only the best handcrafted and tailored accessories so you look good when straddling our product. We love these guys.

 Some Fun Facts about us:

1.   Besides designing bicycles, our other talent pool is surprisingly limited
2.   Michael is a capitalist Buddhist
3.   James sleeps in overalls
4.   We are designing a bespoke wall mount so your bicycle can soon become a piece of artwork in your home or office
5.   We hand deliver and assemble all our local orders (Sydney)  -  we can't wait to meet you.

But enough about us, what about you? Are you in need a ride, a high five or even a cuddle?
Give us a call or drop us a line and we can make it happen.

James & Michael